Dave's favorite podcasts

Here are just a few of my favorite real estate business, and mindset, podcasts. We live in an incredible time where we can expand our intelligence for free every time we jump in our cars!

Let me know if you find any of these podcasts helpful or would like to recommend your favorite podcast TO ME.


Tim Ferriss podcast - featuring very indepth and personal looks at successful careers spanning a multitude of industries.

Tony Robbins podcast - A legend in the behavioral realm. If you are looking to slay your inner dragons, this is THE ONE to listen to.

Dan Radiostyle podcast - Dan looks at our behavioral patterns through a pyschological and spiritual lens and helps us become the best version of ourselves.

Massive Agent podcast - Dustin runs through all of the hot topics that lead modern real estate agents to the top of the charts.

Tom Ferry podcast - The #1 real estate coach tells us how to maximize our performance and reach financial freedom.

email me your recommended podcasts to dave@daveblinder.com

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